Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 3

~ by Dragon’s Den 🐉 In 1984, the 98th U.S. Congress passed the Missing Children's Assistance Act, which established a National Resource Center and Clearinghouse on Missing & Exploited Children. On June 13, 1984, the NCMEC, formed by Revé and John Walsh, the parents of abducted Adam Walsh, along with other children's advocates, was officially opened by President Ronald... Continue Reading →

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Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 2

~ by Dragon’s Den 🐉 Now we get into #MKUltra & #OpPaperclip. How about #OpBlueBeam?  Project #MKUltra was an illegal program of human experimentation by the CIA to discover methods, both pharmacological & psychological, for controlling the human mind, particularly in interrogation settings. Victims were subjected to sensory deprivation, psychological abuse, rape, including the sexual abuse of children. The Black Vault is... Continue Reading →

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Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 1

~ by Dragon’s Den 🐉 #OpWhereAreTheKids? I get asked this a lot. I get surprised comments when I tell people that 800,000 children go missing every year in America & that 88% of #ChildSexTrafficking victims came from CPS custody. Now, I’m going to tell you where I think they are & who’s taking them. Veteran CIA agent John... Continue Reading →

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Q Abbreviations

This list was compiled by an anon in August of 2018 so there may be additions but it's pretty exhaustive (THIS is what the Q "digital solidiers" do...without pay, personal glory or ever getting "credit" for their hard work.) Anons simply find and share info so that the truth can get out there...which is one... Continue Reading →

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Two Kinds of Great Awakening

This post is geared specifically for Christians who are investigating the Q movement and trying to figure out what it's all about...whether it's evil or from God; whether their friends who've told them about it have lost their minds or worse, are in some kind of cult! Christians who've heard the term "The Great Awakening"... Continue Reading →

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Corona Virus & Masonic 33

I recently had someone give me a link to this channel. The man, KJ, doesn't believe in Q (at all), speaks openly of his Christian faith and isn't sure whether President Trump is a good guy or the AntiChrist. He is one of the original "truthers." I've watched some of his videos and he mentions... Continue Reading →

My Take: Who is QAnon?

by JB Heston, Dark2Light writer & webmasterThere are other writings on this site with a more technical answer to "Who Is QAnon?" This one is informational but is my personal take. This post was originally the page "Who is QAnon" but I realized it was too long and decided to present a much shorter version... Continue Reading →

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