3 Visions of Heaven

June, 1999 – 3 visions by my then 15 year old son (found these when cleaning out old files, thought they were interesting.) In June of 2018, when we first discovered the Great Awakening and home ekklesia movement, I re-read them to him. He recalls them all and said, “They’re all still true, God has been showing me about America, the NWO and giant statues with mixed iron and clay again…I’ve also been turned to Daniel a lot in my Bible.”

I had three visions.  In my first vision I saw a man and wife and a garden with fruit. There were snakes that bit the fruit.

I think that the man and the wife gathering fruit is God and the church gathering her children. There were snakes that bit the fruit as it fell to the ground and died; the snakes represented satan and his demons, taking the people who didn’t believe, or believed false religions.

In my second vision, I saw a temple with 8 pillars.

I think that the temple with 8 pillars is God’s kingdom.  Of the 8 pillars:  2 are gold that represents purity, 2 are silver that represent refinement; 2 are bronze that represent craftsmanship and the last 2 are iron with represents strength.

Outside the temple, there was a multitude that worships Jesus in song, and a multitude who didn’t worship Jesus that got crushed by the weight of the songs.

In my third vision, I saw a perfect garden with no weeds, and a farmer and his wife. There were weeds on the other side of a gate.

I think that the perfect garden is the place that we will go after we die (or are taken up) and we’re the flowers and the farmer is God.  The wife is the church and the weeds are the unbelievers outside. The farmer (God) protects us.

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