Two Kinds of Great Awakening

This post is geared specifically for Christians who are investigating the Q movement and trying to figure out what it’s all about…whether it’s evil or from God; whether their friends who’ve told them about it have lost their minds or worse, are in some kind of cult! Christians who’ve heard the term “The Great Awakening” and perhaps feel, think, suspect or worry that something of God has been stolen and is being falsely presented.

The Q Anon movement accepts everyone — and I mean absolutely everyone — who is honestly seeking truth and dedicated to moving others into knowledge, truth, light, love, and unity. The exceptions are the shills i.e., naysayers, haters, liars, scoffers, disinformation agents, and hoaxers. This is a movement of bringing light into the darkness and is comprised of millions of people all over the world from every walk of life.

Where We Go One, We Go ALL or, as you may have seen it written in acronym form on social media (and perhaps wondered) #WWG1WGA or #WWG1WGA_WORLWIDE.

There is room at Q’s table for all regardless of your personal belief system, race, gender, orientation, religion, culture or country. It is NOT a Christian movement nor does it belong to ANY one religion or belief system…or total lack thereof. However, Q has openly quoted the Bible and alluded to basic Christian principles.

On the 2nd Q drop on 10/28/17, Q said “God bless fellow patriots.” and on the 29th drop on 11/1/17, the last line read: “We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.”

The next time we see God mentioned is also on 11/1/17 in drop 35 (Q dropped 35 posts between 10/28 and 11/1/17) and these are the final lines: “…stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray. ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love is patient, love is kind.’ God bless my fellow Americans.”

Q quotes scripture and the most often quoted is Ephesians 6 because, when all is said and done, this is a spiritual battle. Guns and the military may stop evil people but cannot stop the forces of darkness who are openly conducting a brazen, no-holds-barred, full frontal assault on America and the world.


Q does not quote other faiths but neither does he/they tell people what to believe about God (I use he/they because by now it’s clear that there are several people on the Q Team.) Faith is not Q’s reason for posting…even though Q has said repeatedly that we’re in a spiritual battle. Q started posting to expose, and stop, the corruption and the evil people in power worldwide. To wake people up, to raise up an army of people who began researching, telling others about what they found, AND to by-pass the completely corrupt main stream media.

Most importantly, Q’s posts assure people that GOOD people in power who ARE in control now: who are bringing justice and tearing apart this network of evil people in government, business, academia and entertainment. Sometimes, the hardest part about being a Q follower for many is information that is just now coming out has been known to we anons for a few years…and we’re tired of waiting for justice!

Light vs. dark and good vs. evil…and Q flat out states that many in our government, and in positions of power, are ACTUAL satan worshipers — and some show it openly. In fact, when Q first began, he/they flatly stated in the 3rd drop Q ever posted. “Many in our government worship satan.” (Click pics below for a larger version slideshow.)

Q’s informational drops have served to form a worldwide collective mind, made up of millions of people, who research into all the hints (breadcrumbs) that Q drops. Anons have dug deeply and exhaustively into all manner of subjects…and then deeper still (called going down the rabbit hole.)

Many of us were seeing signs of the times (Matthew 24) and digging into subjects such as the New World Order, the Illuminati, human trafficking and the rise of satanism in the end times long before Q came along. Q’s appearing on the scene let us know we weren’t -crazy, were not tinfoil-hat=nutjob conspiracy theorists. That what we were seeing happen in the world wasn’t all simply some “allegorical end times stuff” in the Bible but was very, very real and affecting every human on the planet.


I mentioned “going down into the rabbit hole” and the graphic below shows how deep that rabbit hole is — and how interconnected this web of evil is as well. Click on the graphic (it’s a huge map but the least confusing if you’ve seen some of the other ones out there.)

The entire reason for this blog site is to try to make Q as easy as possible to understand for newcomers — also called newbies or normies — especially Christians who may think the Q movement is somehow evil or perverse because of the sheer diversity of people, belief systems and lifestyles. There is a staggering, confusing number of subjects and information to absorb (and unfortunately, most of it is revolting and painful to study; I cried a lot for a year…)


This site is to help other Christians see the evil for what it is…and what it does; to see the evil people for who they are and what they do. Which leads me back to why I wrote this article about two kinds of Great Awakening.

One awakening is to spread Q’s information and is meant to expose the corruption in politics, governments, corporations, schools and media.

The other awakening is spiritual and based on the drops, we can say that at least one or some on the Q team are Christians…and Christians have their own ideas about the End Time harvest, the Great Awakening and revival in the land before Christ returns.

Is Q a part of the latter…was the Q movement designed by God for “such a time as this?” Only God knows for sure and I like to say “Q says ‘Trust the Plan’ but people need to understand that it is GOD’s plan.” Christians sat back (including me) and allowed this evil to happen to America and we came very, very close to losing everything Christians cherish about this country.

Don’t get me wrong, MANY Christians, screamed and yelled and tried to warn others of the coming storm (including me) but we grew weary. We also grew weaker as we gave in to political correctness, sexual agendas and the constant attacks on our faith and values. The Lord designed humans to live in groups; to live peacefully and harmoniously…and satan knows that. Many gave up fighting because it hurts to be rejected by your fellow humans. This is not a condemnation, I’m only stating what most of us have seen or experienced ourselves.

We could see, and sense, the societal chaos coming like a freight train from hell bearing down on America. These two Great Awakenings have been running parallel for the last few years and now they’re converging into one reality. If you’re in a church that has avoided talking about prophecy, dreams and visions, spiritual gifts and balks at studying Revelation, you’re in for a surprise — and perhaps a rude awakening.

Chances are you’re currently watching people in power discard their masks of normalcy and stand up and cheer loudly for removing all penalties for babies killed in the commission of a crime against the mother, non-doctors to perform abortions and the murder of babies in the womb up until the moment of birth…or AFTER THEY’RE BORN!

These same people are FOR giving rights to people not born in America. Corrupt politicians and activists call for open borders and THEN demand we pay for EVERYTHING for those who break into America and disdain our laws and values…while we are still subject to those very laws.  They claim we owe illegals and the poor something, that the fruits of our hard labor really aren’t ours to keep but theirs to take…and many in government say they’ll give away our money to those who refuse to work.

They call for socialism, 70% taxes and government takeover of all aspects of our lives from healthcare to the right to protect ourselves and our families from armed intruders to the right of free speech…especially faith speech…and more.

No. Just NO. If you’ve wide awake after reading this, then you’ve taken the first step into The Great Awakening. If you’re a Christian, you now know remaining silent is no longer an option…in fact, silence would mean being complicit with satan’s schemes. If that’s too harsh for you, then so be it. The choice to know is yours, the choice to ACT is also yours.

However, you already know deep in your heart that silence and turning a blind eye…or hoping God will just “fix it”…or get us off this evil planet via “the rapture”…is no longer an option. We ARE at war. The Bible TELLS us this would happen and that we were to watch the signs and keep our lamps full of oil; that we are to occupy until he comes! But we also have the comfort of knowing this truth: the battle belongs to the Lord.

Will you be a part of BOTH Great Awakenings? Or will you try to go back to sleep and pretend you don’t know…or worse, fear your feeble efforts won’t make any real difference? Edmund Burke said it well:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” and “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing. . . because he could do only a little.”

God knows you and He knows what he has called you to. If you’ve read this far to where you’re reading this statement, I can pretty much state with confidence you ARE being activated.

Start with prayer…free, easy and available to all of us 24/7/365. You can pray with thousands of Christians worldwide every Wednesday at 1:11 pm (USA, Eastern Standard Time) in a project called #BendedKnee, started by a patriot called Bards of War.

Come be part of something wonderful…as Jesus said: “Where two or more are gathered…” Gather your friends and family, join with the Great Awakening movement and find your own desire to be a change maker in today’s world; to fight in what may very well be the final battle of our lifetime before Jesus Christ comes back for HIS final battle.


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