Q Abbreviations

This list was compiled by an anon in August of 2018 so there may be additions but it’s pretty exhaustive (THIS is what the Q “digital solidiers” do…without pay, personal glory or ever getting “credit” for their hard work.)

Anons simply find and share info so that the truth can get out there…which is one of the main reasons this movement can’t be stopped. You can’t stop someone — millions of someones — who gives their time, heart and energy for a good cause; to do the right thing…simply because it’s the right thing to do. That’s the core of the human heart at it’s best and the core of the mindset of the Q movement.

If you’re visiting Qmap.pub on a computer, you can mouse over abbeviations and the possible suggestions pop up. But that doesn’t work when using a phone to access the site. The first graphic is huge, click to enlarge to full size (and please don’t hot-link to it but instead right click and save to your own device!) Thank you!


This is the same list as above but split into 3 separate graphics to make it easier to read and share (again, please don’t hotlink!) Enjoy digging, there is a LOT of info in this movement. These lists will make reading Q drops much, MUCH easier for you and any you share it with.

QAbreveSbyS-1 QAbreveSbyS-2 QAbreveSbyS-3

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