Nashville Floods & Tornadoes – 2010 and 2020

Yesterday, I finished combining several posts I’d written in 2011 about worldwide natural disaster events (the 4 posts also referenced 2010 events) into one long piece. As I worked on combining them, I kept thinking “Why am I bothering?” It was the only work I did on this blog in two days, finished combining about 3 pm and then stepped away from the computer for the rest of the night (been taking a computer/phone break via a lovely crash & burn sleep after working a week straight of 18 hour days.)

Wake up today, get online and see “Tornado in Nashville.” Story was from last night, updates are today (03/03/2020) and includes the rising number of the deceased.

My heart sank.

I’d just spent several hours re-reading the long list of natural disasters in 2010 and 2011…and had re-absorbed all the pain and suffering caused to millions as I lived that snapshot of time. Thus, my mind was already primed to feel the sorrow that is rising up and reverberating around the world today as we read the stories, view the heart breaking pictures and watch the horrifying, shocking videos.

Nashville, 2010

Nashville got hit severe flooding for several days on May 1-3, 2010 as well as by tornadoes on May 2. At that time, terms like “Biblical” and “500 Year Flood” were used…including in mainstream news headlines.


Ten years later, another devastating tornado has hit…with a big difference. This one has taken multiple lives and also injured many…the storm hit after midnight in the Nashville area and did the most damage around 2 a.m. in the Cookeville area.

On top of what is sure to be devastating wreckage and a hard financial hit, human lives were lost today and there are no real words to say; everything has a hollow ring as we survey the aftermath. We are left to cope, pray, grieve and feel helpless in the face of tragedy…and in the path of weather we can’t control.

Thanks to endless Q researchers and digital soldiers scouring the internet for publicly available documentation, we’ve now learned big corporations and government agencies can — and do — control the weather. There are secret programs (HAARP is one), machines and trillion dollar budgets and agendas…and we hear nothing about it because it’s all hush-hush national security. Plus, any story that is not geared toward accepting climate change will never be covered by the corporate media.

As a result, what we the people or “average citizens” don’t know anymore is whether or not a disaster is natural or man-made. But it’s still a disaster and our instinct is to help, pray and do what ever we can to alleviate human suffering.

To me, one of these two scenarios is much worse than the other.

Scenario one: natural storms happen but some are more terrifying than others; human minds naturally turn to thoughts of God. Some engage in prayer and some wonder if the storm had a purpose — a warning to turn from wicked ways perhaps? Or the worst thought of all…is this a judgment?

The other scenario, man-made disasters via weather manipulation, is evil and turns our thoughts to satan; to cruel and heartless people who don’t care who dies and will do anything to remain in power.

How would we know?

We don’t know and we can’t know…but we CAN pray for those who are suffering and let God guide our hands and actions. Right now, the best thing I can think of to deal with the pain is this: Stay close to God to hear his voice whispering into our spirits and sharing his plan for us at this pivotal point in history.

There was more to this article but I decided to move it to another post entirely…it didn’t seem right to delve into the realities of man-made weather on a post that includes heartbreak and suffering.

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