Corona Virus & Masonic 33

I recently had someone give me a link to this channel. The man, KJ, doesn’t believe in Q (at all), speaks openly of his Christian faith and isn’t sure whether President Trump is a good guy or the AntiChrist. He is one of the original “truthers.”

I’ve watched some of his videos and he mentions having been online for years; researching and doing videos about satanism, the supernatural, globalists, the Cabal, the New world order, Illuminati, Free Masonry, and evil people in general He is a man who “watches the signs of the times.” KJ’s mistrust of government is evident and he’s rather fascinated with horror and aliens.

Regarding the Masonic 33, it’s known that symbolism, numerology and gematria is an obsession with those involved in darkness. KJ caught a pattern I’ve not seen anyone else notice about the number 33 in the reporting on Covid-19. Interesting video!

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