Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 1

by Dragon’s Den 🐉

#OpWhereAreTheKids? I get asked this a lot. I get surprised comments when I tell people that 800,000 children go missing every year in America & that 88% of #ChildSexTrafficking victims came from CPS custody. Now, I’m going to tell you where I think they are & who’s taking them.

Veteran CIA agent John Kiriakou has exposed the Central Intelligence Agency for running a child trafficking network, which involves providing children to elite pedophiles around the world. >> view source article

(Kiriakou starts speaking at 1:35 in video below.)

For me, it all starts & ends with #CIA. Especially when Former CIA agents say the CIA provides #ChildSexSlaves to powerful oligarchs in the showbiz industry in D.C., & that they provide rich & powerful “sources” with a constant stream of “child prostitutes.” This thread is #NotAHoax.

It is graphic, contains many links that have recorded & verified evidence of #ChildRape#SatanicRitualSacrifices, & the death of innocence.

For the record, I am not suicidal & any info I found, I found on my own. Please pray for us all.

Secrets Of The Global CIA Sex Trade Industry – A 3 part piece written in 2007 by a woman known as Dr. Sue Arrigo; excerpts below and throughout this expose.

Let’s talk about the #Children in America. A child in the #SexSlavery business has a useful expected lifetime of 2 years.

 They fail to thrive in that setting. They die of disease, neglect, abuse & giving up. The kids are killed if they are seriously hurt, refuse to work, or become to jaded to attract customers. They are almost never freed by their owners because they could talk.

It is usually a dead end occupation…literally.

A new investigation tells the story of Guatemalan teens trafficked into America, and forced to live and work in virtual slavery in Ohio to pay off their debts. #WakeUpAmerica


If they are transported to a place like NY, the owner can make about $50 per hour for about 10 hrs a day, roughly $500 a day or $3k a week, which is $150k a year.

The kid’s food costs basically nothing. The rent & clothes are less than $10k depending on the location. It is still $140k profit per yr, or about $300k for the expected life span of the child.

Do you understand how much money the elites make off of #Children America? Money that #CPS#BigPharma, along with all the NGOs, foundation and organizations we trust, makes to NOT “#SaveTheChildren?” BILLIONS!

The CIA, being everywhere especially when war breaks out, has been using “war zones” to garner kids the sex slave business. #DynCorp & #Halliburton, were caught trafficking in women during the war in Yugoslavia. Senator McKinney grilled Rumsfeld over it as the video below shows.

#DeepState Dox~ Part 1

#DeepState Dox~Part 2

Information is free America, but for a limited time, and the #Revolution will not be televised.

#WeAreLegion | #ExpectUs | #DynCorp | #Halliburton | #Cheney | #Bush | #Clinton | #CIA | #ShutItDown

#Halliburton Employee Gang raped by her own co-workers in Iraq.

Halliburton Rape Consent forms?

These corporations poisoned, killed & murdered soldiers. They #SexTrafficked men, women & children by the 1000’s. Nothing has changed The CIA & its corporate bosses like the #Rockefellers & #Bushs make about $1k per kid from a war zone if they sell them to auctioneers. Of that, the CIA will get about $300 & about $700 will go to the “bosses.” For drugs the split is more like $15 per $100 in profit going to the CIA.

The price for brothel owners to buy a kid on an auction block in NY & D.C. is between $500 for a sick kid to $50k for a choice virgin who is blond, blue eyed & speaks English. The average price for a kid from a war zone is about $2k. Then there’s a $10k cost to get in the auction.

The best of these end up as a house boy or girl of a politician that the boss wants to keep happy & controlled. They will also be spying on the politician for the boss. In this position some kids make it into adulthood.


[Conspiracy of Silence]

Police saw it, freaked out, hid it & never released it. The Discovery Channel never aired it and were paid to cover it up.

>> View Article here

>>View video on YouTube


In order to “harvest” these children, the CIA founded three major orphanages including one of UNESCO’s.The #Rockefellers funded four.

There was overlap at one of them which caused some problems. The CIA “talent scouts” came by a week after Rockefeller’s did.

Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp whistleblower interview below:

Did you know that we have #ChildSlaves working on our farms right now America?

Inside the Hidden Reality of Labor Trafficking in America >> view article

View Part 2 | View Part 3

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