Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 2

by Dragon’s Den 🐉

Now we get into #MKUltra & #OpPaperclip. How about #OpBlueBeam?  Project #MKUltra was an illegal program of human experimentation by the CIA to discover methods, both pharmacological & psychological, for controlling the human mind, particularly in interrogation settings. Victims were subjected to sensory deprivation, psychological abuse, rape, including the sexual abuse of children.

The Black Vault is crowdfunding for the FOIA release of more than 4,000 new MKUltra pages

The CIA’s secretive Project MKUltra subjected thousands of unsuspecting people to drugs and psychological abuse in an effort to control minds.
>> view article

Thousands of new documents from Project #MKUltra, the #CriminalsInAuthority mid-century mind control program, will soon be released.

#MKUltra brainwashing also has a tendency to break down at a certain age. A hormonal change within the brain can cause the torture technique to literally break down.

Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Eminem, etc.
The list is extensive
#TheGreatAwakening | #TheRainMakers

But thanks to #OpMockingBird, another #CIA program, #WeThePeople have been kept in the dark about this. Yet anyone that dares to expose it, is called a Conspiracy Theorist, or ends up “Suicided.”

#TedGunderson | #MarkMinnie | #NancyShaefer | #Angels

So, 800,000 #MissingKids in America alone every year. 88% of kids rescued from #ChildSexTraffickers came from OUR #FosterHomes#OpWhereAreTheKids?
Let me show you.

Chilling NCMEC Report Shows 88% of Missing Sex Trafficked Kids Come from US Foster Care

Shocking government data shows that of the missing children reported to be sex trafficked in 2017, 88% of them had come from the American foster care system. >> view article

#OpExposeCPS | #MedicalKidnap | #StopChildAbuse

In July, 2014, advocates say the roundup reinforces the need for a standardized, nationwide approach for reporting children as missing, especially those absent from state foster care. >> view article

Did they develop that approach? Apparently not.

State police fan out to find 2,800 missing foster-care kids

AUSTIN, Octobeer, 2016 – In an unprecedented move, a special squad of state police is slated to fan out Thursday to locate more than 2,800 children statewide who are reported to be at a high risk of being abused or … >> view article

Some of the children are under age 6 & have been reported as likely victims of abuse or neglect, BUT #CPS did not contact police because of staffing shortages. Unreal!

Did they develop a standardized approach after that raid? Nope!

70 Foster Children Go Missing In Kansas Before Police Even Realize Something’s Wrong

March, 2017 – A legislative task force investigated the eastern KS system using info provided by KVC, they discovered that another 38 were noted as missing.

When three foster care children recently went missing, police launched an investigation—and realized there was a bigger issue at play. >> view article

DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore Refuses to Step Down in 2016 >> view article

Yep! Even after a 59 pg audit found DCF is assigning children to foster homes that don’t have space for them, lack financial resources, & do not keep proper documentation.

But in November of 2017, we read “DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore, Kansas’ head of welfare programs, to retireAs questions mount, Kansas DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore is leaving the agency.” >> view article

So, she gets to retire, we pay her, she answers no questions and just disappears? #CriminalsInAuthority

But finally, Thank God we have a President that is taking this seriously!
Authorities say they have located & recovered 18 #MissingKids who “ran away” from foster homes in KS. The operation involved more than 100 federal, state & local #LEO‘s!

Police found 18 of Kansas’ foster children last week; 58 are still missing, DCF says

>> view article

Kids deaths go unreported & when they do get found with #PedoPOS like this and no one hears about it?

Why does no one hear? BECAUSE THEY HIDE IT until they are FORCED to reveal the depravity of their “care!

But, now what? The fact of the matter is this: once these #Children get “Rescued” they are shuffled right back into the system! The worst part about it is, after some have been used for #SexSlavery, they are considered damaged goods & rarely have a good life. 


Where are they taking them once they get “rescued?” “The rescued children will be put into ORPHANAGES while authorities try to reunite them with their families” one ministry said. They didn’t give the age range of the abducted #OpWhereAreTheKids?

Remember the #CIA uses orphanages to pick kids from. Smart ones make more money for them.. They become better slaves & #MKUltra victims.

We also know that blonde hair blue eyed children gross more money. Now, I’m not sure how many blonde haired blue eyed kids they have in China, but WE have a few. How are they doing it? They are getting them from foster homes, they get first pick & they also take them off the street.

Who’s helping them abduct, enslave and hide all these children? I’ll cover that in the next segment.

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