Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 3

by Dragon’s Den 🐉

In 1984, the 98th U.S. Congress passed the Missing Children’s Assistance Act, which established a National Resource Center and Clearinghouse on Missing & Exploited Children. On June 13, 1984, the NCMEC, formed by Revé and John Walsh, the parents of abducted Adam Walsh, along with other children’s advocates, was officially opened by President Ronald Reagan. A national 24-hour toll-free missing children’s hotline, 1-800-THE-LOST, was also established.

Such a worthy cause, right? Perhaps not. Or it may have started out that way but the darkness crept in. Or perhaps the darkness was already there given the Bill’s sponsor was Arlen Specter, who was called a “major cover-up artist” when he was a Warren Commission staff member investigating the murder of JFK. Years later in 2009, Arlen was also involved in a kidney organ donation scandal.

Remember how the human traffickers make money off of children (not only with sex trafficking but also with organ harvesting as well) and you’ll see that perhaps there are dots to connect.

One person who spent months connecting dots believes the #NCMEC is anything but benign and part of the interconnected trafficking rings that hide the missing and exploited children.

Hiding in Plain Sight

“The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is often held up as a model for NGOs. Both its sister organization the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) and the NCMEC board of directors are filled with Washington insiders, the political elite, royalty, heads of multinational corporations, high powered lawyers and consultants.” >> view article

The International Center for Missing and Exploited Chidren (#ICMEC) was launched in 1999 by Hillary Clinton (along with Lynn de Rothschild and Cherie Blair) as the European counterpart to NCMEC. Another “connection” is #SaveTheChildren which elected Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife, as Chair of the Board of Trustees in 2017. >> view article

Joe Biden has his own rumors about inappropriate interactions with children, spanning many years, as well as the 2020 sexual assualt allegation by Tara Reade. He’s running for PRESIDENT and no one wants to talk about this!

All these NGO’s have big donors and have been rocked by scandals involving child exploitation by groups dedicated to helping…but instead appear to be using them as a cover to get close to vulnerable children. And there are other agencies and NGO’s as well including the U.N. (which is connected to, and receives funding from, the Clinton Foundation…see how this all wraps and interconnects?)

>> view article

Both NCMEC & ICMEC have Board of Directors filled with Washington insiders, political elite, royalty, heads of multinational corps, high powered lawyers & consultants.

Maybe they’re not all they claim? Especially since it’s come out that many of those same people were connected to both Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring as well as the NXVIM cult…especially Bill and Hillary Clinton!

And let’s not forget to mention #Palantir

There has been significant discussion and proof about how the CIA provided millions in initial funding for former Pay-Pal co-founder Peter Thiel’s, Palantir software company. >> view article

Palantir has not only been tied to the #CIA but it’s also said to be involved in partnerships with the NSA & FBI…to the tune of $20 BILLION in funding!

Palantir software has also been linked to spying & surveillance of social media sites. Conducted in conjunction with the CIA & FBI programs. Particularly, workers unions were targets of surveillance. 

The company has been referred to as Big data specializing in processing, sorting, & streamlining enormous amounts of data. The proprietary software has been used in a wide variety of apps for the military & also working w/the banking industry, government agencies & non-profit orgs.

Aren’t they all “Non profit organizations?”
Who is really running these places?

If any of you actually care about the #Children and read this entire expose, you should be absolutely TERRIFIED. But chances are, 90% won’t.💔 

We The People should be marching!! So, $49,000,000 {on paper) a YEAR is what #WeThePeople give these orgs & this is their effectiveness.

According to NCMEC, in 2016 alone they assisted more than 20,500 cases of missing children, 90% were “endangered runaways”. Only 4% of those cases were non-family abductions, lost, or “critically missing”. For all their resources, #NCMEC investigated only 820 such cases.

Break Down: 
800,000 #MissingKids per year – even in Fiscal Year 2016
NCMEC assisted~ 20,500 = 2.5%
They Investigated 820 cases= 4% 

This is what WE pay for??

So how are they doing it?
It’s called the #SafeFamiliesAct that was implemented by Bill Clinton himself. Or they use legal, #MedicalKidnap, steal them, drug them & the parents lose all rights.

>> View Article: The International Center for Missing & Exploited Children – iDrainTheSwamp

Get it now?
Look who the #VoicesForTheVoiceless is fighting!

We have the elites such as:
The former First lady of the United States,
The First Lady of Egypt, 
The Queen of Bahrain, 
The Princess of the Kingdom of Morocco, 
The Queen of the Belgians, 
Queen of Sweden,  
The First Lady of Poland 
and, of course, the CIA.

Not to mention all of the money that the #Rothschilds#Rockefellers & #Clinton‘s can muster.

Now, to how they are getting them in & out of the country?


>> view article


There is a whole system set up for smugglers & regardless of what they are smuggling it is the same — drugs, sex slaves, art treasures, landmines, chemical weapons, etc.

Then they get them off the ships, airplanes or vans they came into the country in & take them through these #UndergroundTunnels #WeThePeople pay billions for, yet have no access to!

Cities Around the World With Crazy Underground Tunnel Systems
>> view article


PIZZAGATE | NEW TUNNEL DISCOVERY. Connects At Least 4 Of Alefantis’s Properties — “As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.” There are miles of old abandoned water tunnels directly under a lot… >>view article

Like these #PIZZAGATE tunnels that Connects At Least 4 Of #Alefantis‘s Properties? 
Must all just be a coincidence though right?
I have no clue what I am talking about, I’m just a #Dragon, just a girl, just a #ConspiracyTheorist right? 
#UndergroundTunnels Have any of you actually taken the time to look into these Tunnel systems that we pay for? 
All that money that disappears, the $9 TRILLION during the #Obama administration…where do you think it goes? 
#DUMB#FEMA camps, biological warfare, #FakeWars#Falseflags & these tunnels. 😎

It is said #JimmyComet aka #JamesAlefantis is actually #JamesAlefantisRothschild

>> View source

#QAnon | #CBTS | #PedoGate | #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

Oh BTW…If #Alefantis is a #Rothschild that means he has full access to these tunnels…along with Hillary & her merry band of baby rapers & #SexTraffickers (who love to party with #JimmyComet at #CometPingPong involved in #PizzaGate)

Ask the #CriminalsInAuthority taking them.

🐉💫 My last question is…
Who is going to stop these #SikFux?

Do you know what the other countries think about us & what #WeThePeople have allowed our tyrannical, murdering, war-mongering Government to continue to get away with?

I do and they’re waiting for us to stop them.😔

#PedoGate | #ChildTrafficking | #SaveOurChildren | #ItEndsNow | #TickTock | #WakeUpAmerica | #TheDragonsDen | #VOL4KIDS | #BirdIsland | #StopHumanTrafficking | #DarkToLight | #TickTock

How many times do #TheRainMakers have to try to wake you up? 

Detective, Mark Minne, 58 was found dead with a fatal gunshot wound to the head and his family does not believe it was suicide. He died NINE days after he published a book documenting an elite #PedophileRing that exposed high officials within the South African government. >> view article

I am sure if anyone cares to look into #BirdIsland & the #SADF you will find very close connections with the #CriminalsInAuthority#Haiti & #LauraSilsby

🐉 I love being right, but hate it so much…all at the same gotdamn time… 

#TheDragonsDen | #TheHiveCollective | #VOL4KIDS | #WeAreLegion

Children. In shipping containers. wth? How do they breathe?

Police Find 35 People in Shipping Container

Police in the U.K. have launched a homicide investigation after a dead man was found among 35 people who were discovered in a shipping container at Tillbury Docks, Essex, on Saturday. >> view article

And more children found in another shipping container >> view article

#Children found in shipping containers??

I think it is time #WeThePeople get someone down to these docks & shipping yards right away! It’s all right here. All you need to do now is #ShutItDown.

When you consider that #GhislaineMaxwell, madam/pimp for #JeffreyEpstein pilots not only planes but also submarines, you start to see it’s not only possible but probable. When you consider #Haiti, #PuertoRico, and The #DominicanRepublic‘s proximity to Epstein’s #PedoIsland, the dots are easy to connect.

Did @Potus really take personal control over the entire US Intelligence Community after alleged reports that  #Clinton connected assassins massacred an FBI informant & his entire family?? Does that include the #CIA? >> view article

#RIP  #JFK | #JusticeIsComing | #TheDragonsDen 🔥🐉

🐉Very important detail to think about after reading the above article about #whistleblowers who wind up dead🐉

#ICMEC was formed after the #DutrouxAffair, launched by #HRC & Tony Blair’s wife!

Mark Dutroux was arrested in 96′ on suspicion of having kidnapped, tortured & sexually abused six females between age 8~19, four of whom died per Wikipedia

After he was convicted with his wife, he claimed that he had not acted alone but was part of a wider #Pedophile Network. Also that he maintained regular contacts with the people who made up this network, but the authorities didn’t want to look into it.

Of course not!

After an investigation some of the people involved were finally named. 
However, the documents were buried & the testimonies never heard.
So, it would seem that the #PedophileElite came up with a way through their “Nonprofit organizations” like #ICMEC, to cover it up

View Part 1 | View Part 2

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