Gnosticism is fully covered in the video below by Dr. Michael S. Heiser; nothing will be written on this page because the video covers it more succinctly and efficiently. Before I saw it, I mistakenly thought Gnosticism was a form of Christianity that had “gone wrong along the way” and that’s why John the Apostle warned against gnostic teachinga. I was completely off base which is why I’m including it here…believers need to know what unbiblical teachings have crept into their lives and/or houses of worship.

*Please note, the video below may take a moment to load so please be patient.

The first 35 minutes gives you the basics of what Gnostic’s believe…enough for you to recognize the worldview. New Age borrows from this worldview so if you deal with those who “believe in God” but you know it’s not in the same God you believe in, it may be useful to you if you’re trying to witness to them.

Full lecture is 7 hours so you can watch it on the D2L Rumble Video Channel at your leisure or use a program like 4K Video Downloader to save it to your own computer. The first 35 minutes might be enough for you and you’ll realize Gnosticism is nothing like Christianity.

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