Prophecies About Trump

Many have prophecied about President Trump, even prophets who had determined to never let politics color their views. Some are renowned, some are not and one didn’t even consider himself a prophet…yet all have heard from God about the 45th president.

Kim Clement about President Donald J. Trump

Mark Taylor, the “Firefighter Prophet” received the following back in 2011 that he has posted on his website as a downloadable PDF file. (Click graphic below for larger version.)


Jonathan Cahn’s word to President Trump at Mar-A-Lago, March 16, 2019

John David Kirby, 2017 Prophecy; view on his website. (Click graphic below for larger version.)


Mike Thompson, April 2016 video about a vision he had on April 7, 2016; he wrote an article on his website which is posted below video.

(Click graphic below for larger version.)

*Please note: Dark 2 Light posts these prophecies for informational purposes only. We have no opinion one way or another about these prophets or their ministries. Posting these is not an endorsement of them nor is it an indicator that these people endorse Q Anon or the Dark 2 Light Network.

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