Hello and welcome to D2L! I’m the Dark 2 Light website administrator and writer who uses the nom de plume JB Heston aka Average Jane. I’m not famous, was not born to be a leader nor do I care about fame or fortune. I write because God prompts me and gave me the written word as a way to be a “Watchwoman on the Wall”, a direct command I received in 1993. I know exactly what day it was as well…the day O.J. Simpson did that strange white Bronco police chase so it’s not a day I’ll ever forget!

I’m just an average American who has watched and commented on faith and politics for many years. Born in 1959, I’ve seen the downward spiral of this country and it’s now going so fast most have no idea how to stop the snowball. Ideas on what to do, ways to get involved and encouragement to hold onto the promises of God in these dark times are the reasons for this blog site.

I’ve lived a hard life in many ways but God brought me through…and out. God WILL bring America through this time of crisis and out into a Great Awakening…THIS I firmly believe and hope I can be of some small service to bring light into the darkness and the sure hope we have in Jesus Christ.

The following Christian leaders and prophets are some that keep me sane and focused on the Lord’s plan for mankind and not what mankind is trying to do in the name of satan! >> Featured Ministries & Links

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