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This is a site started by me, a writer and the Dark2Light Network webmaster. I’ve has wrestled for nearly two years about how to present the Q movement. Prayed, pondered and contemplated. I recognized I couldn’t possibly keep up with the massive amount of information on a daily “news style” manner. Nor was I interested in trying to fight my way through the heavy censorship and start a YouTube channel (something exacerbated by being camera shy.)

So I waited, watched, absorbed and stashed away information, videos, memes, graphics and links…and I prayed. I kept asking: “God, what you want me to do with this information!” I finally began to understand that my path in this movement was to create a website that covered the basics of given subjects and then provide the visitors the tools to research specific subjects that catch their interest on their own.

On 02/02/2020, I had a vision dream where, in one part of the dream, I was digging through old coins. At the bottom was a large $20 silver coin that I felt I must have. The $20 coin on 0202-2020 escaped me until I mentioned it to a friend…but that didn’t matter because when I awoke, I knew in my spirit I’d received my “go code” to write about QAnon and began putting Dark2Light together later that day.

Dark2Light is intended for informational and educational purposes only. We do not claim to have any firsthand knowledge of any of these subjects nor do we offer any legal or medical advice. This site is FULL of links leading to more research and, hopefully, will serve as a springboard for opening your eyes while trying to keep any horror, grief and rage you may feel to a minimum.

It’s also to try to help newcomers navigate the waters and not get sucked in by the oddballs on the fringe…or those who pretend to be anons but are actually determined to sow division and discord. I’ve said this in other places on this site but I’ll say it again here: in every large group of people, you’re going to find weirdos and the Q movement is no different. You can find it in your neighborhood, your church, in business, academia and government too!

I’ve connected with a few others who do deep dives that have given me permission to post their threads. My ultimate goal is to assign user profiles and passwords to other anons so they can post on a regular basis themselves. One thing I’ve seen too many times is someone who puts massive efforts into creating long Twitter threads and then their entire account gets banned. Boom! All that work is gone…consequently, a part of the purpose of Dark2Light Network is to preserve the hard work they’ve done and the information they’ve compiled.

I strive hard to present the controversial subjects in a manner that leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions. There is a LOT of disinformation, hoaxes, shills, nay-sayers and outright lies and fabricated, hysterical stories about #QAnon so use discernment. No one is perfect and they very nature of Q’s drops lead anons in this movement to speculation and theory. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don’t!

Don’t take anyone’s word as truth…not mine nor any of the “big” Q accounts on YT or social media…especially if they don’t provide solid evidence to back up their claims…preferably several pieces of evidence (called “sauce”)

Sound recordings, photos and videos can be faked (videos require more skills than photos.) Although there is technology to prove or disprove source data, average people don’t have access to that tech.

Let me give you an example of sauce and deception: when the New York Times discovered that Twitter received massive amounts of money (millions) from not only Saudi Arabia but also from those with ties to the Russian government, this picture began circulating. The NYT reporters did exhaustive research and after digging through other sources and stories, it appeared to me the NYT’s allegations were true.

Please note that I chose the word “deception” above to point toward the Saudi Arabia vs. Russian funding and that was intentional…a selective “narrative” designed to get you to focus on what I wanted you to focus on…which is what the fake news does every day.

But I meant the picture was the deception! How do I know? I personally made the fake photo showing Dorsey and Putin together. Here is the real picture below showing it was Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.

My point? Use spiritual discernment and don’t believe everything you see, hear, read or watch! In this high tech age we live in, there are millions of people saying whatever they want to say…with very little consequence.

Jesus is my savior, Donald Trump is my president and Q is an enigmatic group of “most likely military intelligence” people who have shared information that I’m seeing come true as I write this. These are called Q proofs and we’re in the midst of several right now (in April of 2020 on nationwide lockdown over a virus that may or may not have been something many anons are calling a “plandemic.”) Many anons are currently digging through mountains of information trying to provide sauce for this growing belief that this virus was a bio-weapon unleashed to stop efforts by evil, corrupt people to achieve world dominance.

The devil has NO new tricks up his sleeve. World dominance has been that foul creature’s goal from the beginning and many took those 30 pieces of silver to gain temporary power and wealth. We’re nothing more than stupid sheep to them…and they have no problem slaughtering sheep.

What you learn, and what you do with that information, is between you and God. Pray, ask for clarity and revelation, and first and foremost, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus…in all aspects of your life including your investigation into this worldwide movement called QAnon.

~ JB Heston, 04/07/2020

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