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JB Heston aka Q Warrior Queen


A seeker after truth, a woman after God’s own heart and a Christ follower. Mother, writer, abolitionist, entrepreneur, web designer, Seer and Watchwoman on the Wall. Passionate, imperfect, opinionated and a tad bit insane. I present, and desire, truth so I can answer the question: “How then shall I live?” I want to be used by God in all areas of my life. To share laughter and encouragement. To write and do my part to share, exchange ideas and get the words God gives me “out to the world.” To write songs, poems and books that touch lives and hearts. To be used by the Lord to help set captives free…emotionally, spiritually & physically… and those trapped in actual modern day human slavery: sex trafficking, slave labor and children forced to become soldiers and sex slaves. I want to change the world and I seriously wish I did not NEED to sleep but could do so “for fun” when I wanted! I would also like to live to 100 and go strong all the way until I head home to heaven. I pray that you be blessed and fruitful; I pray you experience the love, peace and joy of the Lord in every area of your life!

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Red Pilled Crash


Bio & links to various posts coming soon!

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The Dragon’s Den

MISSION STATEMENT: #TheDragonsDen is a group of online pedophile hunters that works to stop the sexual exploitation of children through the use of child porn, child sexual exploitative material or child abuse. We also help the public become familiar with how to report CSE {child sexual exploitation} materials, reporting child abuse or how to help victims of abuse themselves. The Den is filled with #VoicesForTheVoiceless, cps whistleblowers, & dozens of volunteers that help raise awareness to the epidemic of child sex trafficking, online child predators & the agenda to normalize pedophilia.

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