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I hate ads. You hate ads. We all hate ads.

But we like good products!

We just don’t like pushy salespeople making a beeline for our pocketbook with a phony smile on their face. Irritates us and actually deeply offends most of us.

I pay a small amount per year for the WordPress blog site and it was my first PAID blog! (I have several.) Why?

Because I didn’t want any visitors to get blasted with creepy ads!

I do this site because I believe in God, the Q movement, the truth movement, supporting citizen journalists and the worldwide effort of people to free themselves from evil, tyrannical rulers who would rather see us dead.

With that said, I’ll offer good products (made in America!) as well as books, handcrafted items, etc. Those will appear on THIS page and will be for 1) supporting others, 2) bringing in a few bucks to help pay for the site and my time, and 3) to donate to ministries on the front lines of human trafficking (there ARE some that aren’t actual fronts for traffickers!) is one and they’re who got me started in the fight against child sex trafficking back in 2002 (and from there I learned about labor trafficking, child soldiers, child brides and organ harvesting.)

If you choose to be a contributor to this site, you’ll get your own page and are free to link to your own website, YouTube channel, ads, sponsors, etc. Every little bit helps and I know exactly how much time and effort people put into researching, videos, long threads, graphics, etc. and most do it for love of God and country BUT as God says, a workman is worth his wages!

I hold fast to the philosophy of #WWG1WGA! This is OUR planet we are all fighting for, OUR world, OUR countries, OUR children, OUR lives! No globalist “elite” monster has the right to take away what God has freely given us.

So support or don’t, the choice is yours. I also hold fast to the philosophy of no pressure! Blessings to you as you make your way through life and this difficult battle we’re all fighting. Stop and smell some roses, hug your kids, love your neighbors and find what enjoyment you can along your path.

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