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lemur11tinfoilThere are millions of people worldwide who follow Q, research subjects and have a widely varying set of beliefs systems, cultural norms and areas of interest. But the “legacy” news has branded ALL Q believers as crazy, fringe conspiracy theorists who own, and proudly wear, tinfoil headgear. Not true of MOST but yeah, there are some…how could there NOT be among millions? Just look at the various arguments in Christian doctrine…they can’t all be right…or wrong; people tend to label those we disagree with as ill-informed, crazy or a “cultist.”

Who’s to say what’s a conspiracy theory? So many have now been proven by CREDIBLE independent and citizen journalists, “corporate” journalists — and everyday anons researching and doing “deep dives” — that the attacks on the Q movement by the mainstream media have reached a fever pitch.


Have you ever wondered WHY a single “fringe movement” receives more than it’s fair share of coverage by corporate news agencies? I don’t think you can name five “conspiracy theory” movements that get ANY coverage, let alone as much as #QAnon! Why? Well, shining a light into a nest of roaches tends to make them scramble, freak out and some will actually turn and fight.

Well, let’s start by looking at where the phrase “conspiracy theorist” came from. Here is an article from Zero Hedge, below is a 10 minute video followed by a screenshot of the CIA dispatch regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Warren Report below it.

So let’s look at some of the top “conspiracy theories” INSIDE the Q movement that get people to arguing as much as those in church argue about Revelation (pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, etc.) Some are impossible to disprove due to the fact that Q also posts DIS-information so when he said, “No, JFK Jr. is not alive” believers decided it was disinformation meant to fool the cabal.

On this blog site, we will simply present the information and you can decide for yourself what you believe or don’t believe. As Q says, “The choice to know is yours.”

  1. JFK Jr. is Still Alive: The Cabal was planning to kill Jr. so he faked his own death and helped start the movement to save America. It is said he is an integral part of the Q movement.
  2. Aliens and Draco Reptilian Overlords – They control the world & our leaders are actually not only in league with them but ARE alien lizards. Humans are sacrificed in exchange for technology; they actually seeded the planet and have always controlled us.
  3. Many Powerful People are Satanic and/or Pedophiles: With the open Satanic displays by megastars, Disney pedophiles arrests, and recent news about Jeffrey Epstein and the NXVIM sex slave cult, this isn’t as hard for the average person to believe anymore.
  4. Mind Control & MK Ultra – Experiments prove that people can be, and are, controlled by various mental manipulation techniques. That the CIA had programs seeking ways to control minds is not the question; the facts are out there in the CIA unclassified files. The question is whether programs like MK Ultra, Monarch and others are still in use.
  5. 9/11 was an Inside Job: The Bush cabal crime family are Nazis and deeply corrupt and they were the ones behind the bombing of the World Trade Center purely for profit. George Bush knew and that’s why he continued to read to school children.
  6. False Flag Events: Many believe suicides, shootings, bombings, plane crashes and disasters are planned events to keep people living in fear, pushing for a desired agenda such as gun control and eliminating those who make he mistake of going against the Cabal.
  7. Comet Ping Pong’s Involvement in Pizzagate is Real: Child sex trafficking has finally hit the mainstream and many have dug deeply into the Pizzagate controversy launched by John Podesta’s email.
  8. Secret Societies, Bohemian Grove & World Leaders Picked from 13 “Bloodline” Families: Groups like Harvard’s Skull & Bones, strange meetings at Bohemian Grove by world leaders and the odd coincidence of certain bloodlines producing most U.S. Presidents (and world leaders) provides fuel for this fire.
  9. Pence is a Satanic, Murderous Pedophile: It is said that Trump was forced to accept him to get the nomination but Pence is actually evil and waiting to grab power.
  10. Gnosticism is a form of Christianity: Some believe the texts “kept from us” contain the knowledge we need such as the book of Enoch and the writings of Mary Magdalene. Gnosticism isn’t ANYTHING like Christianity, quite the opposite, but those who won’t accept Jesus are on the hunt for “secret knowledge” and truth. This group often also believes aliens planted us here on earth and run the world.
  11. Hoaxers, Con Artists & Shills:  Many believe there are paid disinformation agents (called shills) who spread lies to make 1) truth look like lies, or 2) the rest of us look crazy. Twitter accounts like EyeTheSpy, the Real Dark Judges and other LARP’s (Live Action Role Players) make outrageous claims such as being part of Trump’s inner circle and having secret knowledge. On YouTube & via private websites, you have the likes of Alex Jones (InfoWars), Jeff Rense and Nathan Stolpman who many claim are disinformation agents.There are also some con artists who have seen a way to make money from Q followers by creating completely false narratives and bilking people out of money. Q tells us “be careful who you follow” and “research for yourself” for a reason! One thing Dark2Light factors in when trying to decide if they’re real or fake is fear mongering and “hurry up and act now before it’s too late!” messages. The more fear they push, the less we tend to believe them…and satan is a master at trying to get people to jump quickly without praying and weighing the consequences so “hurry” messages also raise red flags.

We’ll be connecting the above list to pages and posts on the subjects as they are completed.

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