Critical Subjects to Understand

The three following subjects are where God has been telling me to focus my efforts to help people to understand the enormity of the evil and the societal infiltration that is happening; infiltration that threatens EVERYTHING Americans hold dear…starting with the idea of personal freedoms and choices.

Two are CIA programs, MK Ultra (one of many mind control programs) and Operation Mockingbird (mind control through media.) The other subject is the satanic religions — the same, ancient religions that angered God when the Israelites practiced them — that have crept into every area of society…including government, business, academia and entertainment.

Lady Gaga with the past five presidents.
Lady Gaga with bloody mouth & children drinking dark red liquid from baby bottles.

If one doesn’t know (or believe) they’re an unwitting subject in an ongoing and well-developed experiment of mind control and mass brainwashing then they simply will not open their eyes and will label others “conspiracy theorists” (coincidentally, that is a a term created by the CIA to handle public doubt about the JFK assassination.)

If one doesn’t believe people in power actually worship satan, practice ancient religions and are actively working to build a demonic kingdom on earth, then they will not be able to understand why our world is in such a horrid state today.

Most have noticed that “big events” have gotten dark and openly satanic in the last several years. Events such as the Grammy’s (pic below featuring Katy Perry’s dark ritual) and the Superbowl (with children in cages and “celebs” grinding on stripper poles.) But they have no idea WHY.

This isn’t because more people want this type of programming but because the demonic people who control all media WANT you to accept it as normal, as in “Calm down, it’s just a show…just entertainment…change the channel if you don’t like it!” Desensitization to horror IS a form of mind control…you see enough gore and evil until you reach the point where it no longer bothers you.

Unfortunately, we’re OUT of channels to change to! Now we’ve got 24/7/365 evil, lies, deception and mind programming All media is owned by only six corporations so “choice” is an illusion. You don’t choose, they choose for you. It’s that simple.

Cognitive Dissonance often sets in and people outright reject new information. This is why so many will not hear the truth about bad leaders in religion, government, business and academia, complex plots to control the world, human mind control, child sex trafficking and other disturbing concepts. Because those ideas go against everything we’ve been taught and disrupts our very sense of self AND our sense of personal safety.

Honestly answer these questions:

  1. Who taught you what you know about the world?
  2. Where did they learn this information?
  3. How do you know if what you’ve been taught is true or not?
  4. Is it even possible to be brainwashed and not know it?

I beg you, if you do NOTHING else on this site, please give up ONE hour to watch this video. If you reject what is in it, then close your browser and go back to your life. I pray you don’t but the choice to know is yours.

Watching videos is the fastest way to share this info…most are 5-15 minutes long with others up to an hour…a minor amount of time to spend when compared to how much we spend watching TV programs, movies and on social media.

CIA Programs

MK Ultra & Monarch Mind Control

Some say the word “Holy Ghost” acted as a “trigger word” that snapped Al Roker into a completely frozen state for 17 seconds on live t.v. but there is no proof one way or another. We do know hypnotists use certain words upon subjects, both during and after hypnotic sessions.


The documentaries & videos below are hard to watch and even harder to believe that our own government did this to human beings.

The documentary belows includes eyewitness and survivor testimony. There is no reason to believe these types of mind control programs ever stopped and many believe they still continue today and MAY explain behavior such as mass shootings and groups like Antifa. (55 minute video)

Bill Clinton in an apparent trance and Cathy O’Brien, author of Trance Formation of America. (4 minute video)

Mind control victims speak out (including Cathy O’Brien.) They were told “the end justifies the means” when asking about the horrific abuse they endured. Many victims have won in court over what was done to them. (13 minute video)

One hour documentary covers many aspects including generational family abuse and how personality splitting is used to create people that fit in well in various roles in society. This makes it clear that the “standard” view of a person with dissociative identity disorder as one who would “appear crazy” is incorrect. How absolutely terrifying.

Operation Mockingbird


Operation Mockingbird was discovered decades ago. Here is a modern example of broadcasters who are told exactly what to say in say via scripts; stories and scripts that are given by management via “4 a.m. talking points.” (2 minute video)

The media has gone all out to destroy President Trump. This video compilation shows the depth of hatred for not only him but anyone who supports him…a prime example of media influence. What boggles MY mind is so many say “I hate Trump’s tweets.” Yet they don’t mind THIS from “trusted news sources”? Yeah, sure, ok. (Skip to 2:20 mark to watch the MSM part, 7 minute video) or see video directly on the Media Research Center’s website.

One hour radio program (put into a video format but is audio only) about one CIA project called Operation Mockingbird. There is no evidence this effort to control “the masses” through the media has ever stopped and indeed, former CIA agents turned whistleblowers maintain that CIA operations are still in effect…and worse than ever in 2020. TV programming takes on a whole new meaning when you think of it…
THIS is what President Trump terms ” Fake News.”

Worship of Satan and Ancient Deities & Religions

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