Corona Virus & Masonic 33

I recently had someone give me a link to this channel. The man, KJ, doesn't believe in Q (at all), speaks openly of his Christian faith and isn't sure whether President Trump is a good guy or the AntiChrist. He is one of the original "truthers." I've watched some of his videos and he mentions... Continue Reading →

Two Kinds of Great Awakening

This post is geared specifically for Christians who are investigating the Q movement and trying to figure out what it's all about...whether it's evil or from God; whether their friends who've told them about it have lost their minds or worse, are in some kind of cult! Christians who've heard the term "The Great Awakening"... Continue Reading →

3 Visions of Heaven

JUNE, 1999 – 3 VISIONS by my then 15 year old son (found these when cleaning out old files, thought they were interesting. In June of 2018, when we first discovered the Q Movement, I re-read them to him. He recalls them all and said, “They’re all still true, God has been showing me about... Continue Reading →

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