Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 2

~ by Dragon’s Den 🐉 Now we get into #MKUltra & #OpPaperclip. How about #OpBlueBeam?  Project #MKUltra was an illegal program of human experimentation by the CIA to discover methods, both pharmacological & psychological, for controlling the human mind, particularly in interrogation settings. Victims were subjected to sensory deprivation, psychological abuse, rape, including the sexual abuse of children. The Black Vault is... Continue Reading →

Q Abbreviations

This list was compiled by an anon in August of 2018 so there may be additions but it's pretty exhaustive (THIS is what the Q "digital solidiers" do...without pay, personal glory or ever getting "credit" for their hard work.) Anons simply find and share info so that the truth can get out there...which is one... Continue Reading →

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