Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 2

~ by Dragon’s Den 🐉 Now we get into #MKUltra & #OpPaperclip. How about #OpBlueBeam?  Project #MKUltra was an illegal program of human experimentation by the CIA to discover methods, both pharmacological & psychological, for controlling the human mind, particularly in interrogation settings. Victims were subjected to sensory deprivation, psychological abuse, rape, including the sexual abuse of children. The Black Vault is... Continue Reading →

Operation Where Are the Kids? – Part 1

~ by Dragon’s Den 🐉 #OpWhereAreTheKids? I get asked this a lot. I get surprised comments when I tell people that 800,000 children go missing every year in America & that 88% of #ChildSexTrafficking victims came from CPS custody. Now, I’m going to tell you where I think they are & who’s taking them. Veteran CIA agent John... Continue Reading →

Corona Virus & Masonic 33

I recently had someone give me a link to this channel. The man, KJ, doesn't believe in Q (at all), speaks openly of his Christian faith and isn't sure whether President Trump is a good guy or the AntiChrist. He is one of the original "truthers." I've watched some of his videos and he mentions... Continue Reading →

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