This is simply a basic outline. As in all things, research for yourself if you wish to learn more. I was surprised to find it is ALL based on the writings of one man who is described as a legend. I also know that more than one of those who followed Kabbalah (currently or formerly)... Continue Reading →


Gnosticism is fully covered in the video below by Dr. Michael S. Heiser; nothing will be written on this page because the video covers it more succinctly and efficiently. Before I saw it, I mistakenly thought Gnosticism was a form of Christianity that had "gone wrong along the way" and that's why John the Apostle... Continue Reading →

The NWO Rears It’s Ugly Head

by JB Heston, May 13, 2020 At this time in history, we're witnessing massive efforts to create the New World Order; a world which looks a lot like what the Bible warns us about. We're seeing signs and wonders in the skies such as blood moons and strange glowing lights moving in unison, we're under... Continue Reading →

3 Visions of Heaven

June, 1999 – 3 visions by my then 15 year old son (found these when cleaning out old files, thought they were interesting.) In June of 2018, when we first discovered the Great Awakening and home ekklesia movement, I re-read them to him. He recalls them all and said, “They’re all still true, God has... Continue Reading →

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