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Some of these videos are on other pages on this site but THIS page is for a specific reason…to share with others with one, easy to access page. For newcomers to learn — in less time than it takes to watch two cycles of 100% propagandized news (fake news) — the truth about the duality we’re facing in today’s America (and the world.)

We no longer get truth from the news….we get narratives designed to shape a nation’s way of thinking and behaving. And it’s been carefully planned for decades now. If you control how people think…then you control the people.

90% of ALL American media is owned by only SIX corporations. Choice is an illusion and even that is carefully crafted to shape what, and how, you think. For example: smart people read Forbes and the New York Times, family types prefer Disney and Hallmark, Millenials prefer online fare like Politico and Mother Jones, and woke boomers read Vanity Fair and the Atlantic…etc., etc., etc.

The age-old, dark plan of mankind’s enemy — carried out by those who have chosen to be satan’s minions — is to literally destroy not only our world but Christianity itself and the entertainment conglomerates are on board with that agenda.

America and Christ followers are the ONLY major impediments to the devil’s plans. THAT is what Q has been waking people up to…the fact that we either get IN this fight…or we continue to watch all we hold dear disappear right before our eyes. Your prayers matter, your vote matters and your voice matters…but even with all that, America is in deep trouble. Yes, God is in control; God has ALWAYS been in control…and in the end, HE wins.

But have you ever asked yourself WHY things in America are in such an awful state? Ever wondered, “If God is in control, HOW did we reach the level of moral depravity?”

We live in a country where we are allowed full access to any faith we choose, allowed to develop any level of wealth we are willing to work for, and has abundant food, water and natural resources. We have the ability to live in peace, plenty of personal freedoms, a sense of safety that America won’t get torn apart by the kind of wars that are destroying other countries and, most importantly, a Constitution that gives us the the right to self govern, vote and live under a Bill of Rights.

We ALSO live in a country where fully formed babies are murdered up until the moment of birth, born children are trafficked and sexually tortured by adults (and worse), sexual predators have invaded our schools & libraries to indoctrinate our children, and adored superstars are performing satanic rituals, nearly naked, during FOOTBALL halftime shows?

How did this happen on OUR watch?

This may sound harsh but clearly, God needs more from His children than prayers, regular church attendance, head shaking and hand wringing. We are to be salt and light…have we lost our saltiness and is our light so dim no one can even see the dimmest flicker anymore?

That is a question you’ll have to ask God for yourself.

Praying Medic is one of the first Christians to make Q accessible and comprehensible. He is a man of God and has a unique perspective after 35 years as a medic. His most recent interview is worth watching and may help newcomers understand not only the movement but how to deal with your personal faith walk while investigating the QAnon movement. Discovering decades of lies, evil and corruption is hard on the human psyche…including our spiritual psyche…and Praying Medic addresses this.

Joes M’s videos have been viewed by millions. They’re simple, short videos that are packed full of truth and make most who watch them stop short and look around their own world…as well as examine their own worldview.

The Out of Shadows documentary will open your eyes and provide some context about the difference between truth and conspiracy theories…from someone who has witnessed what is happening in Hollywood.

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