Politics & Faith

The founders of America had no problem “mixing politics and faith.” Indeed, if they hadn’t, America wouldn’t exist.

Where did the body of Christ make the decision to separate faith and politics? How has this refusal to pay attention to politics led to the ugly reality America is now facing: tyranny, communism, our Constitutional rights taken away (by an out of control government who don’t work for the people but only for themselves) and the Bible itself labeled as “hate speech?”

Time to rethink and relearn the truth of the underpinnings of America’s system of politics, patriotism and faith. Let’s start with an infographic that lays out what JESUS said about building HIS ekklesia. Most Christians don’t even know what ekklesia means…and thus have a vague idea that there is a huge difference between a church and an ekklesia.

Even fewer know that the word “church” was inserted into the Bible to replace “ekklesia” only 400 years ago. Why? What difference did it make in the way believers understand what responsibility the body of Christ carries regarding the shaping of the culture and our right…our duty…to influence politics? (Click on graphic below to see full sized version, opens in new window.)

You’ve been lied to and boxed into a corner by leaders who want an unquestioning obedience to whatever they say and tell you to do. That includes those in power in government, business and academia…and sadly, pastors who were happy to trade the ability to discuss politics in order to get 501(C)3 tax exempt status.

I’m old enough to remember a when the body of Christ, and it’s leaders, remained silent over racism and civil rights, abortion, pedophilia in church, and the shift in politics toward tyrannical control. Sorry, not mincing words here…what is happening in America today happened on the watch of EVERY pastor and priest since about 1960…and every believer who put self-interest and the accumulation of wealth and “the good life” American’s have enjoyed over morality, obedience and the call to be “in the world but not OF the world.”


That’s was the price to betray Jesus and for church leaders to betray Americans.

Time for a change because if you’re reading this, you’ve already seen efforts to silence Christian speech on social media, in Congress and by our leaders, by businesses and most by most in academia.

Speak up now or forever hold your tongue and simply accept the onset of the New World Order spoken of in the Bible here in America and around the world…if you can.

The choice is yours.

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