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An overview about WHAT is operating in today’s world that’s brought such darkness into every segment of society. Specific blog posts with more details about these belief systems will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Dark Beliefs Operating in Today’s World

by JB Heston, May 13, 2020; Updated November 2, 2020 and January 23, 2021

At this time in history, we’re witnessing massive efforts to create the New World Order; a world which looks a lot like what the Bible warns us about in what is commonly called “the end times.” We’re seeing signs and wonders in the skies such as blood moons and strange glowing lights moving in unison, we’re hated for our faith, shunned and called names for attempting to exercise our Constitutional rights…and we’re watching in shock as corrupt people in power openly call for conservative “deprogramming” and forced vaccinations, with those refusing threatened with losing their children and/or being put into camps, and the call for microchip tracking of all humans on earth. >> read short connected post “The New World Order Rears It’s Ugly Head” which links back to this page.

Please note: the short post linked above doesn’t cover what happened after the “pandemic” began i.e., the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing nationwide BLM riots…all for a man who couldn’t breathe because he was actually dying of a fentanyl overdose; a man lauded as a saint who was in fact a violent felon with a long history of crime and drug use. Most of the following people that activists rioted over were by and large in the same category.

While innocent elderly people were forced into nursing homes to die of a preventable virus and fake numbers of deaths were created by putting nearly ALL deaths in the “pandemic category”…even deaths due to gunshots. And miracle of all miracles, now that a new president has been installed in the White House, the virus is suddenly not a big threat, restaurants and businesses are deemed safe to open again and the WHO admits it was wrong about the testing…that said testing resulted in false positive results.

And as of 11/2/20, when I updated this page the first time, the day before an historic election, America endured months of not only BLM violence but Antifa as well…and the media and politicians cheered them on. After the installation of the 46th president, members of Congress immediately called for harsh legislation targeting specific groups of people, even going so far as to label millions of people “domestic terrorists” for their belief system. How long before that mindset extends to the church? Was it not enough to blow past our Constitutional rights and shut our churches…while allowing strip clubs and liquor stores to remain open?

Apparently not.

Christianity is an ancient faith that emerged from Judaism with many changes along the way. However, there are other ancient faiths that are also still operating in our world today. I suspect some believe these practices “fell by the wayside” but nothing could be further from the truth. If Christianity didn’t disappear in modern times, why would ancient dark faiths dedicated in some form or fashion to worshiping satan?

It is only by the grace of the one, true God that we have a Savior in Jesus Christ, the word made flesh who came to earth as a humble man and chose to sacrifice himself for humanity’s sin. We are all fallible and fall short of the glory of God but he showed us mercy. Thus, we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide us and enable us to walk uprightly and to worship and serve God with everything we are…and have.

Make no mistake, you WILL need the covering of Christ and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit on this journey of what appears to be a worldwide faith awakening and we are going to need every bit of our faith to fight the spiritual forces of wickedness in high places that are seeking to gain all positions of power upon the earth.

There are various names familiar to some Christians such as Baal, Molech, and Jezebel but what most probably don’t know is that some of these same evil spiritual entities are found in other cultures under different names such as the Queen of Heaven, Marduk or Sun Gods like Ra, Osiris and Horus. Some are from neighboring Semitic cultures and some were bastardized along the way and surfaced in the generations following the death of Christ such as the practice of Baphomet worship.

A “traveling” Baphomet statue temporarily erected in front of the state capitol in Arkansas.

Many of these ancients faiths have a specific focus on mindless, obedient worship; are fear or works based; women are “less than” men; masses are to be controlled; rote rituals and prayers are important; and exceptional cruelty, including human sacrifice, is acceptable. Abortion IS child sacrifice — not to please a god but for more inhumane reasons — convenience, getting ahead in the corporate world and personal irresponsibility.

What so many who choose to use abortion as birth control, they have no idea their “fetuses” are also used for other, darker reasons according to some former satanists such as near term babies used in blood rituals. Yes, there are people in this world who still actually practice a form of ritual sacrifice involving unborn babies, children and adults. I’ve heard it said: “These people are evil” and “Their symbolism will be their downfall.” Do you see the symbolism in the graphic below?

God’s chosen people fell into the practices of other cultures, despite being warned not to. The Israelites practiced the demonic ritual of child sacrifice and it infuriated God; without fail he punished them when they fell away and followed other Gods. This truth is clearly seen in the Bible…and happened more than once. For example: think back to the verses about tearing down Asherah poles, fertility rites, Jezebel and her prophets of Baal, human sacrifice and idol worship…all these subjects and practices are found in the Bible.

God was quite fierce in his denunciation of Molech, not simply because of the sin of idolatry but also because of the custom of the worshipers of Molech of sacrificing children to the god by fire. Today, we see Molech depicted as an owl and Baal depicted as a bull but the scripture below combines them (as do modern practitioners who have combined all manner of occultic practices and images of their objects of worship from owls to bulls…Baal, Molech & Baphomet are the three most depicted and there is much confusion about which deity is which. Doesn’t matter for understanding that the modern practioners of dark faiths are all dedicated to worshiping evil and revel in proudly showing the world their choice and their power and control.)

The Hebrew prophet Jeremiah describes with horror the ancient rites, telling us that God says, “They built high places to Baal in the Valley of Beth-hinnom and immolated their sons and daughters to Molech bringing sin upon Judah; this I never commanded them, nor did it enter my mind that they should practice such abominations.” (Jeremiah 32:35)

These ancient faiths and their symbolism have nearly eclipsed Christianity in America when it comes to music, entertainment, social media, government, academia and the corporate world. And it has happened on OUR watch. Our reason for trying to open eyes is NOT to point any fingers but to help Christ followers see the truth and thus pray more effectively (know your enemy) as well as examine our own walks, choices and values.

Another is to help you see what is happening in order to protect your own families and guard against the music, movies, TV shows and internet predators coming into your home and affecting you and your children. The reality is that there are satanic rituals being performed on stages during “entertainment” shows and events (even during the Superbowl, a once family friendly yearly gathering in millions of homes across America) which is something we certainly don’t want for ourselves or our kids!

Humans have sin natures, and most Christians attribute that to the fall of Adam and Eve. However, theirs was only the first fall…the second fall was after the flood; when mankind returned to their old ways and built the Tower of Babel. God destroyed the tower, scattered the rebellious and gave them over to the other gods they chose to follow.

The very next thing we find after that occurrence is God drew Abraham to himself as HIS portion; the man he chose to pour all of his desire, and design, to have a relationship with his creation. This led to the Jewish faith, and ultimately, to the Christian faith.

Are you wondering if we’re in the stages of the final fall of humankind…which is most often called “the end times?” Most Christians are wondering; not only because the signs of the times are increasingly dire and appear to line up with the Bible…but also due to the one thing that is different from all other times in the past when people said “Repent,for the end is near!” That difference is that Israel is a nation again.

Many Christians today are somewhat “fuzzy” when it comes to the spiritual battles we face; some churches focus on it and study the prophets and Revelation…and others stay far away from such “divisive” subjects, especially because there are so many differing views on the “rapture” and when it’s supposed to happen. Pre, Mid, Post…it gets confusing and each “end times” viewpoint has problems lining up with scripture.

Christians certainly do argue about the end times and the rapture of the church in the fiercest of ways. Or they decide they’ll ignore it all because they want unity and peace and to focus only on the goodness of God. Those subjects are between the individual believer and God…the purpose of this page is to show you what those who do not believe in God are doing to advance their agendas.

This video touches upon the realities of the supernatural realm that the Bible tells us clearly we are battling against….including the need to put on the full armor of God. We’re seeing evil grow exponentially in today’s world…understanding the battle and the power we have in Christ to successfully fight against this realm is a disconnect we see…and one we seek to bridge on the Dark to Light website. This video interview with Dr. Michael Heiser talks of the supernatural realm in a way that’s easy to understand. (1 hour video)

Breakdowns of Satanic & Alternate Religions

You’ll notice the symbolism used today is a bizarre mish-mash of various belief systems; a “smorgasbord” where those who worship darkness pick and choose bits from them all to signal their alligiance…”Designer Darkness” if you will. Unfortunately, we see the same thing in the Christian faith as well as those who are involved in the New Age.

This is where we’ll list a basic coverage of these beliefs if you want to know more about dark forces and practices we see being openly practiced and accepted. For some, it helps them understand, and strengthen their own walk with God; for others it’s useful for evangelism. Each belief system will listed below with a link to more detail (when the information is available, the link will be underlined.)

Baal >> coming soon

Baphomet >> coming soon

Egyptian Sun Gods >>coming soon

Free Masonry >>coming soon

Gnosticism >>view post

Kabbalah >>coming soon

Molech >>coming soon

Rosicrucianism >>coming soon

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