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Sex trafficked children and victims of pedophilia are the most vulnerable of all those who’ve experienced the horrors or being trafficked or molested. Those who suffer these horrors from a very young age are at risk for NEVER experiencing a normal, healthy life of love, promise and success. This is an evil that MUST BE STOPPED. In order to stop it, people—and especially Christians—must look past their own repulsion and anger to prevent, rescue and restore these innocent victims.

How I found the great awakening research movement was the determination that the intel team has to stop this evil that is happening worldwide…every single day. Once I start researching, the discovery of the deeper horrors that were happening, including actual satan worshippers’ involvement, began to break my heart. I spent many years trying to wake people up to the truth of child sex trafficking and grew discouraged because of a widespread refusal to either care or get involved. In researching agencies I used to point people towards, I discovered many were out of business, some to mismanagement of funds, some due to fraud and I’m sure some probably just wore out and gave up like I did. But the soul shredding truth I uncovered is that many are still in business but have been accused of being FRONTS FOR TRAFFICKERS including churches and church related ministries!

Yes, you read that right.

For example, the Catholic church in Chile was reputed to be running an online pedophile trafficking ring. From the May, 2018 Vatican Insider article“…a parish priest was forced to confess that he had sent pictures of himself naked to some young boys. Chilean TV Canal 13, during a documented investigation, has suggested the existence of an organized group of diocesan priests, a network that calls itself “la famiglia“ (the family) with the “nonno” (grandfather)” at its top, followed by the “zie” (aunts) and “nipoti” (nephews), whose members would allegedly be involved in sexual trafficking through the web that also involves underage children.”

Worse than that, some in the church upper echelons have actually blamed the victims and said they seduced the priests! The Catholic church has never dealt with the widespread pedophilia problem that first hit the headlines nearly three decades ago. But back then, the priests didn’t go to jail, they went to new parishes and molested fresh victims. They’re still not going to jail. The Catholic Church not only turns a blind eye, they actively cover up pedophile priests and often slander the victims as well.

People who are allegedly involved in child pornography & worldwide pedophile rings include: leaders, staff, and volunteers in churches, NGO’s and aid workers; CEO’s and leaders in business and the entertainment industry; popular Hollywood performers, musicians; and members of policing agencies and the government IN AMERICA (and in other countries.)

Turns out that I was right in one important aspect my frustration years ago…the lack of the nation’s law enforcement agencies to do more than rescue a handful of victims every year. If they’re involved, catching the traffickers isn’t on their list…covering it up is. They are partakers and procurers. Worse, some are said to be pedovores engaged in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and cannibalism.

Yes, you read that right too.

People are said to partake in satanic rituals, consume blood products and cannibalize human beings. We were all told in the 80’s by the CIA & FBI that SRA & “satanic panic” was a myth and had been debunked. We’re still being told that today. It wasn’t. Some lied and some were told to back off and stop investigating. What better way to debunk and cover up crimes than by individuals within policing agencies that are profiting from the sale of human beings? Or worse, involved in actual SRA themselves?

There are many people who have come forward in the last few years and claim to be victims of SRA but again, no proof is available. All of the ones I’ve found are fairly open about being emotionally damaged as a result of the abuse they insist they’ve suffered. Some have named big names in business, entertainment and politics yet no one has ever sued them for libel or slander (something I personally find odd.)

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft is one who’s story breaks both my heart and my mind (click picture above to visit her Twitter page.)

Occult symbolism and practices are gaining wider acceptance. Some really famous, really fabulous-seeming people in this world openly worship satan and seem proud of their perversions including making jokes about the subject of pedophilia on social media platforms.

The sexualization of children, occult symbolism connected to kids (such as Celine Dion’s Nununu kid’s clothing brand pictured above), and calls for the normalization of pedophilia is on the rise. Here are some of the more pics from her clothing brand’s Instagram page.

Most Americans either don’t want to know or feel helpless to stop it. How do you stop it when people hidden in local and federal policing agencies are reputed to be behind it…who do you call? How do you fight in court when judges are purported to be pedophiles and satanists themselves? How do you stop it when the most powerful people in the world are said to be involved?

There is a huge effort today to normalize pedophilia, lower the age of consent to younger and younger ages, and those who claim pedophilia is simply a disorder and should be decriminalized. Those who are attracted to children have chosen the name MAP which is short for minor attracted persons.

How do you fight the incessant drum beat of normalization (and even glorification) of perversity in the media and educational system? Especially after you learn large, well-funded groups control who gets on school boards and that 90% of the media in America is owned by only six corporations? Corporations, including virtually ALL news outlets, are run by liberals who have no problem shoving their lies, narratives, and agendas, down our throats.

How do you spread the information when trying to get truth out there gets you thrown off of social media…or even killed?

You tell the truth and hope they don’t kill you or your family. Many, many good people have died trying to uncover these truths. I just have to trust in God’s protection and pray that I don’t end up one of them. The people who have been murdered are often made to look like they’ve had strokes, heart attacks, accidents or committed suicide so that’s a small comfort. I follow journalists who report these truths; they’re all said they’ve had their lives ripped to shreds, their reputations destroyed and live in daily fear.

My son and I agreed again on December 1, 2018 that no matter what happens in our lives, if we face a horrible death the last words on our lips will be “Jesus is my Lord & Savior and I will never renounce Him.” We can only pray God will give us the strength. We humbly thank you for any prayers you might feel led to offer up for us. God knows who we are, where we are and what we face.

He also knows how hard this all is for people to accept. My mind is blown and I cried for a year…now I’m just angry and determined to help Q Anons AND those who fight inside the church to get the truth out. But I trust that the Lord wants the truth out there, wants children protected, rescued and restored!

Do it for the innocent children.

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