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The dragons are a unique group of people dedicated to educating people about the dangers posed to our children by predators, keeping them safe online, and to finding child porn on social media and reporting it to law enforcement as well as the platform’s owners. They’ve had thousands of disgusting accounts removed but have paid a high price for breaking the unspoken “code of silence” that exists for the social media companies. These companies are not only well aware of the problem, they actively cover it up and instead of suspending the porn and trafficking accounts, they suspend the accounts of those who report them.

On this site, we’ve posted a 3-part heart breaking and eye opening thread written three years ago by Dani, the Mother of the Dragons. It’s how I found them, I saw the thread on Twitter and saved it offline. Dani got suspended for posting it (many, many times) and I lost track of her but kept the info. I was finally able to connect with her again in 2019 and re-worked the threads (many of the sites she linked to that had the information had since been deplatformed so I had to find replacement info.) The 3 part series will be online again soon as graphics get transferred over from a different blog.

The dragons were suspended again and again by Twitter but they never gave up hunting. You may find it a little different that they call themselves dragons and use language, memes and avatars depicting dragons. But I was invited into their private DM on Twitter and saw firsthand what they look at, and look for, every day on that evil platform. It was beyond sickening and I’m no fainthearted spring chicken!

I believe the dragon personas help them maintain their very sanity. The world of child trafficking and child porn is the darkest, sickest and ugliest part of humanity. I’d like to be a dragon too — to line the evil perpetrators up and use my dragon breath to light them all on fire because hell is too good for those monsters.

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