Who Is QAnon?

by JB Heston, Dark2Light writer & webmaster
This page grew long and was turned into a post so this intro page now offers a shorter, more concise version for those investigating Q Anon for the first time. All pics, memes & graphics on this site open to larger versions by clicking them (except page headers.)

Q is reputed to be a group of government insiders (mostly likely military intelligence) working to dismantle an evil, corrupt system — the Deep State — that’s controlled by elites who want to rule the world…and all humans as well.

Anons believe President Donald Trump is not only involved but is called Q+. He now openly retweets Q accounts and makes comments which have given rise to this belief.


Q does not qualify as a cult for several reasons…anons have no leader, no physical location where we gather, are encouraged to think for ourselves, to expand our thinking and contemplate information logically. We’re told to trust ourselves, that we have more than we know, free to leave at any time, and to debate with Q (who listens and responds.)

That doesn’t mean some Anons aren’t quirky and prone to conspiracy theories! If you’re Christian, look at it like people under the umbrella of Christianity who hold strange or radical beliefs that differ from what the “main body” of believers accept…they are deemed odd!

The Q Movement started on October 28, 2017 in an unlikely place…forum message boards. 4Chan first, then 8Chan (you’ll hear references to “the chans”) Some Christians probably consider the chans to be satanic (which is understandable due to bizarre and/or coarse language and lewd pictures.)

It’s also reputed these message boards are used by intel agents since they allow picture uploads and anonymity thus pics with embedded files can be openly passed with no one the wiser. Then 8Chan got shut down; deplatformed by their hosting provider and a new site called 8Kun started; a site no longer dependent on mainstream hosting platforms so the information can’t be suppressed again. 8Kun is now the only place Q communicates on.

If you’ve seen the memes of Pepe the Frog, they’re simply a fun way for anons to communicate and express themselves in a humorous way. They don’t represent white supremacy or hate. (Most but not all…some people DO use it for hate but they’re a very small percentage and we denounce them.) Hateful racists, sexists and xenophobes DO exist in this world…in the Q movement, in churches, business, government and academia…ugly people busy being horrible to their neighbors. All we can say to that fact is “they need the real Jesus.”


8Kun can’t be taken down now by boycotts or financial pressure put on those heavily invested in the corporate internet world. Some anons will only use 8Kun with a VPN because they work hard to avoid the issue of online tracking. Twitter, Facebook, InstaGram, YouTube, etc. are all openly banning conservatives, Christians, Trump supporters and Q followers. Big social media sites are also collecting EVERY bit of data about their users…and they sell our personal data as well as tracking our location (something made clear with the Covid scare.)

This Praying Medic video explains some basics; he’s one of the first Christians to follow Q and brought the movement to many (5 minute video.)

Back to October of 2017 an anonymous person who called himself  Q began posting threads that claimed to have secret, inside knowledge about a plan to reclaim America from evil people, both in the USA and worldwide. Good guys are called “white hats”, Bad ones are “black hats” or “the cabal” and are said to be involved in a network of corruption in politics, government, academia and business…and activities from drug & gun running to blackmail to pedophilia to satanic worship including human cannibalism.

The information covered is wide and written in cryptic messages called “drops” which are “breadcrumbs” that require “baking” and “decoding” (which are terms for trying to figure out what the acronyms and cryptic clues mean.) You’ll see the number 17 because Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.


We’ve posted a ton of acronyms here.) Acronyms are confusing for those who are brand new to Q (which is part of why this site was created…to ease both confusion and shock.) Some decodes are easy but in some drops, only Q knows exactly what they mean since they’re not for anons but for the team OR the blackhats who view Q’s messages in order to try to figure out if they’re going to be discovered, arrested, etc. That’s why “disinformation is necessary” (which drive anons nuts but it is what it is!)


No one knows who the members of the Q team are. Those who follow are loyal, those who don’t mock Q and call them a LARP (Live Action Role Player.) They brand ALL Q followers as dangerous, nut-job, tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists.

Dark2Light gets info and decodes via Qmap.pub, YouTube channels, Twitter and websites run by those who do deep research. They put research, concepts, articles and information together in a concise way that’s easy to understand. From there we do our own research to verify (or debunk) and form our own theories. No one in this movement it told to take things at face value but instead we’re repeatedly told to think and research for ourselves.

We link to many YouTube channels (QTubers), podcasts, websites & Twitter accounts. One page is Citizen Journalists; the other is News & Opinion and features people who report news honestly. Some follow Q, some don’t.

This is an informational movement above all…credible journalists who report truth are listened to/followed by most in the movement because we want facts not propaganda! Q says: “YOU are the news now so handle with care.”

Those who are sick of corruption, government shenanigans, Hollywood lies, moral perversion and the anti-American rhetoric that’s been growing for years jumped on board and the Q movement began…and spread like wildfire throughout the world.

The term The Great Awakening is frequently used because one cannot stay asleep, compliant or peaceful once you start learning truths that have been purposefully kept hidden from average citizens.

Trust me, you will most likely be freaked out, broken, aghast, feel intense rage and disgust, shocked, doubtful, and filled with agonizing pain when contemplating the depth and breadth of the corruption…and the horribly victimized children. Your initial reaction will be to walk away and ignore it because what is happening is horrific.


Even if you don’t believe Q, or decide it’s all fake, you cannot deny that many pedophiles and child porn peddlers have been arrested over the last few years. More than any of us care to believe…and children ARE being hurt.

No doubt some who view this info will initially consider it all lies…these truths are nearly impossible for many to handle. For example, globalists & elites kidnapping, sexually assaulting, tormenting, hunting and perhaps eating children is one many won’t accept…until you view the artwork they collect, create and/or hang in their homes and businesses. (More artwork is available in the longer post version of this page; we decided it was too graphic and disturbing for first time visitors.)

More theories that are hard to handle include: John F. Kennedy, Jr. is still alive and part of the Q team; California (and worldwide) wildfires are started by DEWs (directed energy weapons i.e., lasers on drones), and evil people activate MK Ultra mind-controlled people to perform horrific events, riots, and mass shootings (called false flags) to distract average people from learning about something awful they’ve done that’s soon to be — or has already been — discovered.

What you choose to believe or focus upon is 100% up to you…there is room for everyone in this movement…including room for those who don’t want to focus on certain subjects like human trafficking. The “rabbit hole” is deep and there are many tunnels. Please, only go down the ones you can handle!

We’ve seen truth revealed many times in the Q drops…accurate information the main stream media refuses to cover. True stories they refuse to report on and/or they twist the truth to form a false narrative. We’ve learned about horrors and mind-blowing subjects that sicken our souls…even though, as Christ followers, we DO understand how evil satan really is. So are his human minions. Christians all know, and accept, that some people worship satan. Some openly promote satanism…including superstars and all types of world leaders.

Many of us have discovered a great deal of what we’ve accepted in our lives has been a lie including lies from the government, corporations, financial institutions, the news and sadly, lies told in churches as well.

So this site was created as a place to write, spread truth, present facts, theories and controversies…we leave the rest between you and God.  Anything you learn on Dark2Light is your choice to accept or not. Q says “The choice to know is yours.” It’s some ugly stuff and when the Q team says “many of us don’t sleep at night” we believe them.

You’re on this site, have read this far and you’ve known for a long time something has gone very wrong with the world. We’re doing our small part and the following scripture is one we’re living out. Perhaps it applies to you as well?

The Great Awakening caused by the Q movement is real, of that we have zero doubt. (And whoever is behind Q often states faith in Jesus Christ, encourages prayers and quotes scripture in the drops.) We’re going to end with this video by Joe M. and a link to a site called QMap.pub that will help you explore on you own. No instructions needed because the site’s easy to figure out; dive in and let God lead you.

Blessings to you, may God open your eyes and reveal your purpose in today’s world. We were ALL born “for such a time as this” and since you’ve read this far, maybe you’re being called to learn — and spread — some truth the world needs to know in order to direct our prayers with laser-like precision and help dismantle an increasingly evil world system…at least until Christ returns for His bride! We all know how the Bible ends…this may be a temporary season of grace…let’s use it to spread the gospel.

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