The Great Awakening

In short the Great Awakening is exactly as it sounds: people are waking up — en masse — to truth and awareness of extremely bad actors and actions taking place in our world. It is a phrase Christians have been using for many years to describe mass movements of God…there have been two major ones in the past and many believe we’re now seeing the third. The term is also used to describe the Q Anon movement. The picture above came from Q drop #3858 on 2/12/20.

WHAT people are waking up to is horrific and mind bending; it hurts, it enrages, it terrifies, and at first, it’s very, very difficult to believe! However, despite constant efforts to debunk the Q movement, the truth IS coming out. The video below is a quick visual about parts of what people are waking up to…mind control, satanism, pedophilia, human trafficking and a coordinated, propagandized media designed to keep people blind to the truth; divided by race, class, sex, religion and culture; living in fear, anger or complacency, and most importantly, meek and easily controlled. An awakened populace is their worst fear…self-determining people cannot be manipulated, controlled or forced into servitude.

The song below is sung by a talented singer named Abbey Cook. Like most in the Q movement, she has an anonymous name as well: Blue Eyes. We include her video specifically here in this post for all the visuals she uses to get her point across…we’ve found that seeing the picture montages all at once tends to cause you to recall what you’ve seen, heard and absorbed from the news, in entertainment and on social media.

The mainstream media aka MSM has become a propaganda machine or, as President Trump calls it, #FakeNews. It’s also called the “Mockingbird Media” which is a separate post altogether but the graphic below is researchable; a government program fact and not a crazy conspiracy.


If you’ve watched the MSM for the last few years, you’ve seen story after story about President Trump and his family being the personification of evil, terrible things and coming arrests…and yet nothing has happened and each attack has been proven false. When their lies were discovered, NO apologies were ever issued and they just moved onto the next lie in their hatred of President Trump. The Mueller Probe is one example and the fake impeachment was another.

The video below shows the mocking bird propaganda media in action; it’s an eye-opener! This alone will cause some to wake up as they SEE we’ve all been “fed propaganda” for decades (when we thought we were just “watching news.”)

We are watching nothing more than scripted actors…and as you view their earnest efforts to make the script look true, note their body language, hand movements and concerned facial expressions. When you realize they’re simply actors reading a script, you’ll most likely feel cheated and lied to.

There are common phrases in the Q movement such as “The Great Awakening”, “The Storm”, “Where We Go One, We Go All (shortened to WWG1WGA), and the one this site has taken it’s name from, “From Dark to Light.” There are others but let’s look at where these most common phrases came from. Obviously from Q but after awhile, people began to realize President Trump used “The Calm Before the Storm” first on October 5, 2017 as the video below shows…and Q began posting October 28, 2017.

We’ve only recently discovered that special prosecutor John Durham began his work on October 28, 2017 as well. No one is saying Durham is part of Q, not in the least, but many believe it to be an amazing coincidence. Many Christians felt something shift in the spiritual realm as 2020 began. And by February of 2020, arrests were being made, the fake impeachment scam was over and President Trump began cleaning house of dirty “deep state” players in the government.

The MSM attacked him relentlessly (which was nothing new) but the tone of anger, the air of desperation — as well as outright lies that are quickly debunked — are different now. They’ve tossed aside all journalistic standards and are clearly and openly out to destroy President Trump…and his supporters.

The President began re-tweeting big Q accounts such as Praying Medic and Sol Memes, to name a few…the MSM went ballistic and began a hate campaign unlike any in the history of the United States. The storm has indeed arrived.


Something in this war between good and evil has shifted and most Q followers, though tired of waiting for justice, recognize that the storm — the offensive against the deep state — has indeed begun in earnest. Trump is hitting them from all sides and the full on war has now begun. Which side will you stand on…will this storm drown you? Or will you be standing in the middle of the battle field with armor on and ready to fight the good fight? Only you and God can answer that. First and foremost, this is a spiritual storm for the soul of America and her citizens.

Trump confused the world in May of 2017 with this tweet:


It sent people into a frenzy but it was not a misspelling of the word “coffee” OR “coverage” by the President! His challenge sent Anons into a digging frenzy and here is what they learned: “Covfefe’ (pronounced “cuv – fee- fae”) is an Antediluvian term for “In the end we win.” It was commonly used by the sons of Adam to rail against the evil actions of the fallen who had led man astray. The term gained popularity prior to the great deluge and was rarely used after the flood subsided. It regained favor around the time Nimrod was building his tower, after which it was entirely lost in translation at Babel.”

Right after he tweeted it, Google quickly scrubbed all references of it to stop people from finding out the truth…and that give them time to debunk it because the Left in America wants to continue to control the speech, thoughts and actions of all those who refuse to become subservient. If you still think Google is a good company, please do some research!


At Dark2Light, we recognize that some Christians have a problem with his language but have come to understand something…just like the Covfefe tweet, his harshness and Twitter trolling are forcing those controlled by dark forces to take their masks off. Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up the State of the Union speech was one example. If you watch the video, you can see that she barely held herself back from hitting the back of his head.

His uncovering — and dismantling of the deep state and his efforts to expose/stop the corruption that has overtaken our government, is causing something most call #TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome”) and you can see it on Nancy Pelosi’s face as she tore up that speech. You can also observe that she mumbled to herself the entire time he was speaking.

We’re going to say something now that may anger some Christians but we think it will make a point…and please don’t think we’re comparing Trump to Jesus because we’re not! When Jesus spoke harshly to the corrupt leaders of his day, he didn’t say “Wow, you guys sure aren’t nice and you really need to stop being mean.” Nope, he called them sons of satan, tombs full of dead men’s bones and a brood of vipers.

Translate the language into today’s terms. Do you think Jesus would speak kindly or harshly to those who want to murder babies AFTER they’re born? Or steal millions from taxpayers to line their own pockets? Or mock God and then try to beat Christians down with the very Bible they hate? We’re going with Jesus would react harshly!


Make no mistake though, there are many in the Q movement who are quick to believe anything they hear and some people spread lies — some on purpose and some inadvertently because they’ve been sucked into a disinformation vortex and THAT storm is heating up as well and we’re seeing more division these days among Q followers. (We cover some of those hot button topics on the Controversies & Hoaxes page.)

However you approach this movement — this Great Awakening — please approach it prayerfully, with your eyes wide open and your spiritual discernment radar set on high. You were born for such a time as this…and you’re watching ordinary people band together to change the world in a way also never before seen in the history of America. We pray blessings upon you as you make your choice to become a part of what may be the final Great Awakening before Christ returns. Are you ready?

>> Read Abbey’s amazing life story here!

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