The Plan

To understand the plan laid out by the patriots, you must understand the 16 year plan to destroy America. Most of us knew something was very, very wrong…we saw our Constitutional rights trampled upon and the rule of law disdained. We saw leaders fomenting divisions among citizens and watched our economy stagnate and people who’d worked their entire lives lose everything.

“The Plan” is the patriot’s plan to restore America to greatness and the rule of law. You’ll hear “Trust the Plan” when researching this movement. That does NOT, however, indicate sitting back and letting others do all the work! The plan changes, as all military operations change, based upon what the enemy does. Our job is simple…understand what is at stake and fight to stop it. I firmly believe this is God’s plan and He is using HIS people, imperfect as we all are, to recall that the American system of equality, unity, fairness, justice, law and prosperity are ALL due to God’s grace and provision…and firmly rooted in the Bible.

Start here, this is the one video that will answer some questions you may have and the one video that I’ve used over and over to reach others.

The 16 year plan to destroy America is covered in Q Drop 570 (below the Rules for Radicals & Obama-Clinton graphics…all can be clicked for full size versions.) There are more Q drops that speak to this horrific plan but drop 570 lays out the specifics. The components can be found in a book many of today’s radical activists and Dem leaders have studied well and are following to the letter: Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

That this radical plan IS in action isn’t hard to see when you look at the globalist agenda being pushed; and at the agendas and legislation that have caused most Americans to shake their heads in disbelief…or stick their head in the sand hoping it will all just go away. The counter plan is President Trump and the patriots in the military and the Q team stopping the insanity. THAT is what Q calls “The Plan.”


Q drop 570 clearly demonstrates why there is often confusion and disagreement among Q followers…the Obama-Clinton graphic lays it out in visual form. Q drops clues (breadcrumbs) which are provided in a cryptic format that requires understanding some military language (most of us don’t) and also protects those on the Q team from the act of leaking classified information. So we receive cryptic clues and try to decode the meaning…which many anons are very good at by now! But no one is right all the time and disagreements do arise.

Q has said many times “learn our comms” (communications, i.e. code words, abbreviations and intel language the drops are given in) in order for followers to understand what information is being shared. It requires effort, digging and millions of people working together to try to grasp the information…and then find the proof (called Q Proofs like below…100% of Q followers believe Trump is completely involved, retweets Q accounts and is actually the one who signs the drops Q+)


THAT, in essence, is the Q Anon movement. People gathering together to try to get to the truth of what has gone so very wrong in America…and all over the world. It’s why you’ll see #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE as a hashtag. There are Q followers in every country that has internet access!

As you can see, decoding and understanding Q is not easy and it takes time. As a Christian, I think about those who translated the Bible…entire committees from all denominations plus different countries, languages and understanding based on existing belief systems. Christians today STILL argue about passages over 2,000 years old!

Please keep that in mind as you learn about the Q movement and why millions of us have decided there really IS a plan and we all have our part to play in it. Even though we don’t understand all of it, the veracity of the information has been proven over and over again. The same is true for God and his plan for the salvation for mankind through His son Jesus Christ. Parts don’t make sense at times but we know the plan was set in motion when Christ gave himself as a sacrifice for our sins.

If you believe, as millions do, that Q is GOD’s plan, you’ll begin to see your part and heed the call to help change the world. Some believe we are only being given a reprieve, a window of unprecedented access to share the truth and gospel, until the end of the Bible plays out. If time is short and we have a chance to help reach many for Jesus, that is a plan that all Christ followers can find their place in. The battle is real but take courage because ultimately, the battle belongs to the Lord!

This is what the LORD says: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army, for the battle does not belong to you, but to God.’ ~ 2 Chron 20:15

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